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Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights (individually guided excursions)
7 nights Nile Cruise (Luxor / Aswan / Luxor)
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 1: Arrival
Line flight to Cairo, then a short domestic flight to Luxor (approx. one hour). upon arrival in Luxor, you will be picked up by our friendly employee who will help you with the customs formalities and transfer to your 5 star Nile ship. In the evening you can discover Luxor on your own.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 2: Most Holy Temple
After breakfast you will visit the Holy of Holies Temple Complex in Karnak the Great Temple of Amun, the journey continues to the city center and Located on the Nile promenade, Luxor Temple dedicated to King Amun. The temples of Luxor are through a mile-long Sphinx avenue and Karnak connected. Are particularly impressive the mighty gate towers and the columned forest of the great hall of the Karnak Temple. In the afternoon the ship casts off and the journey continues via Esna to Kom Ombo. Meals and overnight on board.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 3: Crocodile-headed God
Early in the morning the journey continues to Kom Ombo around the temple of the sun god Horus with the impressive Sobek temple, dedicated to the crocodile-headed god Sobek and is dedicated to the falcon-headed Horus. Images of the two gods have been immortalized in the relief work. The embalmed 2000 year old saints are a curiosity After your tour you will visit crocodiles in the crocodile museum. Continue to Aswan and overnight in Aswan.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 4: Agilika Island
Today you travel by motorboat to the island of Agilika to the Philae Temple (Hut-chenti, house of the beginning) about eight kilometers to visit south of Aswan. The impressive temple is dedicated to the patron goddess and the pearl of the Nile (Isis).
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 5: Aswan Souk
Full day in Aswan at leisure to rest or visit the lively souk of Aswan, or take a trip to Abu Simbel which can be booked with your tour guide for two of the most impressive To visit temples of Egypt, the big temple of Ramses II. As well as the small temple of his wife Nefertari. Continue to Edfu. Overnight in Edfu.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 6: Beautiful landscape
Relax on the inviting sun deck of your Nile ship and let yourself the beautiful archaic landscape along the Nile passes by in the morning it continues towards Esna.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 7: The vast valley of the kings
After breakfast you drive to the west bank of the Nile to Theben-West, the extensive one Valley of the Kings to visit Hatshepsut Temple, the most photographed monument the 3 temples of worship, which represent the complex of Deir el-Bahari with a beautiful one Terrace temple that lies in a picturesque valley basin. That is probably in the Valley of the Kings the most famous of the 62 royal tombs discovered so far is the tomb of Tut Anch Amun.
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Day 8: journey home
Our travel companion will take you to the airport and take care of it the flight and customs formalities for you for your return journey
Nilfahrt bei Ägyptenspezialist
Typical Egyptian drinks
Refreshing drinks: pomegranate, guavas, honeydew melon juice, sugar cane juice, TamarinadengetränkT (Tamer Hindi) amarinden paste used, Kharoub (carob) Hot drinks: Chai bil Naana (black tea with mint), Sahlab (mi drink), Karkadeh (hibiscus tea).
Nile Ships

MS Royal Lotus 5 *

Nile Cruise of the premium class
The Mövenpick Royal Lotus offers a unique opportunity to explore the picturesque landscape of the banks of the Nile. Discover the temples and tombs of antiquity as you cruise along in a relaxed atmosphere. Our flagship has 60 cabins
with approx. 22 m2 and 2 magnificent Royal Suites.

Mövenpick MS Sun Ray 5 *

Nile Cruise of the premium class
Follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs as you cruise down the picturesque Nile from Aswan to Luxor in style on the Mövenpick MS Sunray. Thanks to its elegant style, traditional design, stylish details, large public areas offers a swimming pool, a sundeck with leisure area.

Mövenpick MS Hamees 5 *

Nile Cruise of the premium class
The Mövenpick MS Hamees is contemporary and comfortably equipped and is one of the largest and best ships on the Nile. The Mövenpick MS Hamees has 72 large cabins with panoramic windows, bathroom with bathtub and hairdryer, LCD TV, minibar.


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