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 Diving holidays in Egypt
Diving from Hurghada, Marsa Alam or Sharm El Sheikh
Diving Safari in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

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The Red Sea with its impressive underwater world offers the perfect dreamy diving trips with exciting diving routes, spectacular reefs, millions of brilliantly shining corals, on our diving safari Traveling you will experience unique dives.
FULL CHARTER DIVING SAFARIS: Our diving safaris can be booked privately and you have the opportunity to determine the course of your diving trip yourself.

Diving Safari in Egypt with Cleopatra Travel

Tiran Islands
A popular destination in the north that continues past Ras Mohammed towards Tiran. The coral reefs we visit from south to north are: Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson.

Diving safaris in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

Abu Fandira
St. Johns and Abu Fandira is a place where there are hardly any Diving Safari or piles of divers in sight. The 6 km long Reef line is south of St. Johns in an east-west direction. Beautiful Napoleon fish and the rare parrot fish.

Diving Safari in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

Hundreds of bottlenose dolphins live in the Satayah Lagoon, also known as Dolphin Reef. This is their home so a meeting with them is guaranteed. When diving on either side of the reef, you will find beautiful colored soft and hard corals just below the surface of the water. Mackerel, tuna and turtles.

Diving safaris in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

This is one of the most fascinating wrecks in the Red Sea. This British ship was carrying ammunition when it was hit by a German bomb in 1941. The wreck lies at depths of 20 to 32 meters on the sandy seabed with his cargo lying almost untouched on the main deck, apart from corrosion and mud.

Diving safaris in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

Brother Islands
The Brother Islands are two small islands in the middle of the Red Sea. The Aida II is located on the north side of the island. It sank in 1957. Barracudas, surgeon fish, mackerel, snapper fish, sharks, tiger sharks live on the west side of the island.

Diving safaris in Egypt at Cleopatra Travel

Sharks rest around the oval reef that is 3-4 meters below the surface of the water. On the northern plateau at depths of 20 to 25 meters are hammerhead shark cruises and white tip ocean sharks . Steep walls adorned with magnificent sea fans.